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    have u tried using a better razor, and/or shaving cream? i sort of had the same problem and it was from using 2 cheap of razors.EDIT: BTW welcome to a2a!

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    i'll answer 4 my girlfriend. YES!!!lol

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    . Have you ever masturbated? Yes

    2. On average, how often do you masturbate? Once sometimes more

    3. Have you masturbated in the past week? Yes

    4. Have you masturbated in the past 2 days? Yes

    5. Have you masturbated in the past 24 hours? Yes

    6. Have you ever masturbated in a Burger King? No lol

    7. What's your most common method? umm hand?

    8. What is the most times you have masturbated in a 24 hour period? (If you don't know, estimate) Masturbated maybe 4, most times coming 5 or 6

    9. What are the most times you have masturbated in a week? (approximately) maybe 10-12

    10. How often do you think the typical guy your age masturbates? once a day

    11. Compared to the average guy your age, do you think you masturbate. yea

    12. Do any of your friends know how often you masturbate? no lol

    13. Have you ever discussed masturbation in a fairly serious manner with your parents? no

    14. Have you ever had cybersex? Yeah

    15. How long is your typical masturbation session? depends on how quick i want it anywhere from 2-20 minutes

    16. Do you follow the same routine or do you vary what you do? varies

    17. Have you ever masturbated using a condom? yeah

    18. Have you ever filmed yourself masturbating? yeah

    19. Have you ever masturbated to pornography? (movie, pics on internet, etc) yes

    20. Where do you usually masturbate? my room

    21. Do you usually masturbate ...?

    22. How do you feel about the size of your penis? not thick enough

    23. What is the sixe of your erect penis? 6.5-7 inches

    24. What is the size of your erect girth? 5 and a half-ish

    25. Have you ever masturbated in a public place where it would have been somewhat easy to get caught? yes.

    26. Have you ever masturbated in a public restroom? No

    27. Have you ever masturbated outdoors? Yeah lol

    28. Have you ever been caught masturbating? Nope

    29. What do you usually think about when you masturbate? my girl lol

    30. Do you ever feel guilty about masturbating? nope wats to feel guilty about?

    31. Have you ever fantasized about being the pizza delivery guy? no lol

    32. Do you use lube when you Masturbate? nope

    33. If so, what type?

    34. When are you more likely to masturbate? nighttime

    35. Has someone else masturbated you at all? yes =)

    36. Have you ever masturbated in front of another person? yeah

    37. If so, who? my gf. wanted to know how i did it O_O

    38. Good morning! How often do you wake up with an erection? often

    39. How old were you when you started to masturbate? (best estimate) 11ish

    40. How did you learn about masturbation? dont remember

    41. Since you started, what is the longest period of time you have gone without masturbating? (estimate) umm 2 weeks?

    42. Have you ever put a finger in your rectum while masturbating? yea

    43. Have you ever inserted something like a vibrator or dildo in your rectum while you masturbate? no

    44. Has food like peanut butter, chocolate, whipped cream or raspberry jam ever been part of the action? no

    45. Is masturbation and fantasizing about other people cheating? nope i do it alot

    46. Do U ever play with your nipples while you masturbate? not rlly...

    47. Finally, have u ever eaten ur cum? yes

    48. Did you like the taste? 2 bitter

    49. What did you think of this survey? it was okay

    50. What would you add or take away from this survey? all the past 24 hours month week day....

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    well, the bench press mainly works your pectoral muscles (chest) you should work your biceps and triceps for lifting strength. do bicep curls and tricep extensions etc..

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    but i cant talk to her. any time i try she tells me shushhhhhhhhhhhh and that i ask to many questions...

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    okay so me and my girlfriend have been going out for a little over 9 months now, and we are doing fine but there is one big issue.When we had been going out for 2 or 3 months, she was all over me sexually, (handjobs, wanting me to pleasure her etc) but then maybe after 6 months she just, like, stopped. everytime i want to do anything sexual she says no and pushes me away. i know she used to like it but i dont know what happened... anyone else have any idea??Plz Help~

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    I eat more sugar than that lol and i maintain my weight so she will probably be okay depending on her metabolism, but if she IS diabetic than the kisses mite not b the best i dea in the world

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    ok, so when a girl gets "wet" what exactly are the liquids that come out?thanks ^^^^^GF's Question...^^^^^^^^^^^^

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    you had to look up funyans!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????? its like........ bagged heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (a heaven concealing a saturated-fat-filled hell of course..........., but still!!!!!!!!)

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