Oral Sex--Giving Head--Help Me please!!!

  • I want to know how to deep throat without gagging. I give good head, but I want to take it to the next level.


  • my past gfs and just girls that i screw around with say that the secret to giving the perfect blowjob or deep throat is you have to relax and pretend that the penis isnt even there. i know it sounds hard but if you are totally relaxed and dont think about how deep it is going the men will go crazy over you and talk to their mates bout how good you are.

  • Thanks!!! If anyone else has any tips, feel free to post.


  • so have you given head befor?

  • yes. I've given head before. I enjoy giving head to men who are deserving of it. Emotions play a big role in how well I give head. Sure, I can go through the motions of good head--and the guy may enjoy it--but if I'm enjoying myself while doing it, it's even better. I give a little more.

    1. get the right angle, this is best if you are laying on your back at the edge of the bed while hestands on the floor at the edge, or the 69 also works well.
      2) the gag is a reflex and can be controled, go slow, and just don't think about it, if you start gagging, just stop where you are, wait, when your ready go down on more.
      3) Breathe through your nose, don't take deep breaths just slow breaths through the nose.
      4) flatten the tongue, with the middle almost a runway for it.

      after a while you'll learn to master deep throating and will have no probs with it.

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  • but some people just can't deepthroat because of their throat size correct?

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  • thats good you should feel comfortable about it because if you are doing it only for his enjoyment and not yours it just isn't the same. if it is good head you will both enjoy it the key is that you are enjoying it because if you areny he isnt either.

  • its usually not the size of their throat its usually the siza of the cock

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