Lymph node question

  • My senior year of highschool in 99 i was sick the entire year the problem was severe tonsilitis. I finally had the tonsils removed in 99.. after the surgery i noticed swollen lymph nodes on my neck and chin area.. i had blood work done/ct scans/ and a biopsy on one of my nodes... everything was negative.. Here is is 2006 and i still have these litte swollen nodes... does anyone have any idea what causes them and should i be worried that these tests missed a diagnosis of cancer ?

  • I would think that if you have cancerous lymph nodes.. you'd be dead long ago. You might want to revisit the doctor and have it checked out again.

  • Every year since then i have been been back to the doc and he has always felt the common lymph areas and the area where they came up. He has also done blood work every year. Is it possible that they will never go back to normal size... i guess thats my question and if i have anything to worry about ?

  • Perhaps it is some scar tissue. If your doctor is not an ENT, I would suggest seeing one.

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  • Lymph nodes are in hundreds all throught your neck, they genneraly are a meeting place of infection. If you hade cancer you would have been dead by now because that would pass through there within time and then ebcome terminal. Lymph nodes genenraly become inflamed when yoru fighting infections because its where it passes through, so unless you have an infection it genenrally wotn show. HOWEVER, stress can cause the showing of lymph nodes.

  • You answered a dead thread.

    > HOWEVER, stress can cause the showing of lymph nodes.

    Really? Could you explain that?

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