I am going to the GYNO tomorrow for a check up on some displaysia, plus a problem I have been having for about a month now.
When I went for my yearly, which was in February, my GYNO discovered I had some mild dysplasia. I was concerned at first, but she assured me it was nothing to worry about, and that it could be taken care of with meds and 2 more visits, to check on it. I got a boyfriend, and have been sexually active with him for a couple months. I never bled before, but about a month after sex, I started to bleed afterwards. It was not painful, and we thought we were being too rough. I took a medicine for the dysplasia, called Cleocin. I researched, and this medicine cures vaginitis, which my doctor never said anything about! It doesn't rid the displaysia.. I am becoming very worried that I might have something, since I forgot to get tested last time I was at the doctor's.
I have stopped having sex with my boyfriend, and am going to the doctor's tomorrow, to see what is wrong.

I need some reassurance and help as to what might be the problem, because I am very nervous.
Thank you in advance.