20 year old, uncircumcised and very worried

  • Hey guys!

    I'm a 20 year old male and uncircumcised. I'm still a virgin (had countless opportunities till now, but always avoided them). I never had the birds and the bees talk with my parents so I was really really late in finding out that I was supposed to pull back my foreskin and clean/wash under there regularly; found this out when i was maybe 18 or 19 when i noticed some smegma come out during a shower. I've obviously watched pornography in highschool and such, and noticed that everyone was circumcised....for this reason, I avoided sex or any form of contact, simply because I was very self conscious about my foreskin and not having a visible head. Due to these reasons, my head is very sensitive and everytime i try to remove the smegma trapped underneath, it actually stings or hurts...I have handled stitches on my body on several occasions just perfectly, but removing smegma from under my foreskin is something I can't seem to bear much....its really weird for me to ask my dad/parents and I dont really want to talk to a doctor or someone about this....I dont want this to be a reason for me to hold back sex and other forms of contact. I have tried to used mild soap and warm water under the shower but like I said, my head is just too sensitive.....what can I do to get rid of the smegma, have it odorless and insensitive, so that I no longer need to hold back??
    Also, I never masturbate, simply because I never see a reason to...even though it is pleasureful. However, I recently masturbated (longest I've ever had my penis handled), and later I noticed that there were pimple-like heads (whiteheads later became pinkish, then dried up and became scabs), and I was wondering why this happened.....is this because of the friction, since I've never done it that long before? I also trim my pubes, so there's a little bit of hair around those areas...is it because of that? Please help!! I am very concerned and would like to not be worried about this anymore!!

    Thanks in advance to each and every one of you!!

  • You never really mentioned whether you have retraction issues or not but unfortunately, the only solution to your "sensitivity" issue is .... more contact. You will need to touch and wash the glans by rubbing it down to keep it clean. You probably should avoid soap, but you can use some baby oil on it to reduce friction on the glans and allow you to maximize contact. With time you repeated contact will desensitize the glans and allow you to clean properly. I would think that by not masturbating you haven't helped the situation.

  • Thanks a lot for the advice bud!! I actually do not have any retraction issues, however, i can only completely retract when flacid, cant during an erection or even when its a little hard pretty much. But I think with more frequent retractions and other activities, it should retract even during an erection. I'll try out what u suggested! Greatly appreciated!

  • If you can't retract during an erection, then you do have a minor issue. It's not a big deal, but technically, the foreskin should be retracted when erect.

    If you look in the Archives forum, you will see a thread labeled Foreskin Stretching. Take a look at that thread which has lots of advice.

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