Where do you cum?

  • When you jerk off where do you cum?

    Examples: Point penis into hand. On tissue. Just jerk it and dont care where it goes.

    Also wheres the weirdest place you've ever left cum at?

    For me I have a couple different answers. Sometimes I cum as I jerk and let it shoot wherever. Or I put a latex glove over my penis and jerk so it catches all the cum and can be used later as lube. Or once I started to cum into a ziplock bag.

  • meh i dont really care i let it do whatever it wants to do. it sometimes goes all over the place so i just wipe it up with a towel.



  • Usually, I jizz onto my stomach (pulled up shirt). Sometimes, I just jack off and jizz all over the place and leave a mess (freak, your post is making me horny and want to jizz all over the room!!)

    I love saving my cream in a ziplog bag. As a matter of fact, I want to see when it will become full! :P

  • that's f***ig weird! What do you save you urine in a bucket?

    Everything looks different at 186mph!


  • I've always been curious about how long it would fill a particular sized container, such as a quart milk jug.

    I don't think I'll try to find out though.

  • Some good places for cumming include the shower, toilet(either sitting or standing), or the old fashioned sock. I've tried the sock before, but use it only for about one or two cums a day. It gets little wet sometime and hard to use then. Also, on JackinWorld, i read some guy accidentaly used the same sock for school.
    Some of my weird cum catchers include my boxers specifically for cumming, my cum sock, i used a ziplock bag a couple time to accumulate my cum. Unfortunately, cum happens to evaporate a bit, so u have to cum a lot. If u have the baggie and the cum is fresh, u can try eating from the bag, but it can only be your cum.

  • ummm... I'll have to pass on .. all of that

    Remember, If you Rush a Miracle Man, you get Roten Miracles


  • In reply to:

    If u have the baggie and the cum is fresh, u can try eating from the bag, but it can only be your cum.

    WHAT?!?!?!? ............ NEVERMIND I ASKED

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