Increasing speed/pace and agility?

  • Anyone know of any exercises to increase my pace, and my agility?

    I am a regular football player (soccer) and I'd like to gain some more speed if possible, and some agility wouldn't go a miss. I'm pretty sure there are ways of doing this?

    Any help or site links with info would be much appreciated.


  • The best way to increase all that is to practice & push yourself each time. Practice makes perfect.

    A little tip though, strapping light weights to say your arms & feet while doing certain exercises will help. You'll get used to that extra weight & when you take it off you'll naturally be faster.

    Just do certain exercises focussing on each movement you want to master. If you want to jump higher - start jumping. If you want to run faster, start pushin yourself to the limit everyday as you run. Etc Etc...

  • My boxing coach had me pullng a sled and was exhausting to do for long periods of time, especially with 2 plates on it

    Everything looks different at 186mph!


  • Yeah we also had to pull sleds. Ours was always short distances though. I'd say no more than 100 yards. But our sled was loaded with weight, close to if not over 800 pounds. We raced pulling trucks & SUVs. Pullin the 18 wheeler was the hardest though. HAHA, we had a 125 pound girl pull a firetruck for 7 yards.

    But on a lighter note, strength training will help you get stronger & faster, but I'm not too sure about more agile. I tend to notice the smaller, slimmer guys are more agile than the bigger guys.

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