i am a man. about a week and a half ago, i met a girl whom i was interested in. things went pretty quick in during the relationship. we engaged in oral sex (where i performed on her) one night in my car. her vagina had slight odor, but nothing enough to send me flying to china to avoid it. few days later, i got a blister in my inner lip the size of a small pimple. i first encountered the pain when i was eating with a wooden chopstick, and while sliding the chopsticks out of my mouth, it felt like a splinter was inserted. about 4 days later, it no longer hurts, but a slight scar is left in the inner lip. to make matters worse, the gum on the outside part of where the front tooth is held is now in pain. i had got pain on my gum often in the past from brushing my teeth, but it just seems like a coincident that this is happening now.I have been reading through few of the webpages on this site and saw that most of the infections occur in the exterior part of the body. now, my question: 1) are slight odor on women's vagina a normal thing? 2) can STD occur in the locations i have mentioned? 3) how long do visual infections usually stay? 4) are the pains very painful or slight painful? 5) how long does it take before the visual infections set in (incubation period)? 6) are there free testings where it doesn't require me to expose my personal identity?i am 20 years old. the experience i had in my car was the first oral sex experience, but it seemed like the girl had few experience in the past. the first sexual experience i had was 4 years ago with a condom and performed only intercourse. i am fit and healthy.thank you for your time