I just noticed them a little while ago right under the head of my penis. They are right on that flap thing that goes out. Very small, but there is about 20 of them. On the side that faces me. They don't spread or go away. I feel a little uncomfortable and it sometimes is hard for me to pee could this be a STD?Also I have 4 dark spots on the head of my penis, which I have had for as long as I can remember. Can this be anything? They don't go away or hurt or anything. FOr all I know I could have had the red bumps for al ong time and just never noticed them. I never had sex just oral sex with oen girl and she never had oral or sex before me. Could you get a STD by touching a bathroom door knob and then your penis? I can't thinko f another way I could have gotten thse red bumps or even the dark spots.I can't go to a doctor for this. I'm 15.