hey, yeah i know its not easy to get and also maintain a great looking 6 pak. ive been there and I workout 4 to 5 times a week. Its my life style and I love it. strict diets, ab exercises, cardio exercises, etc. it was high maintenance. i will tell you my routine and hope i can get some honest feedback from you. CArdio, is a must. you have to shed fat in order to show definition. walk a mile a day. sweat as much as you can. not only will it help burn fat but will rip and define your body even further. do i hear spa anyone? face it the less fat the better your definition. of course its a great idea to have a consistant ab routine. you must target your abs directly. not only do you want to take your time with your ab exercises. remember feel the burn to acheive results. you also want to do them in a specific order to get a certain look. remember always to stretch your abs before you start any ab routine. lets show your abs off. your abs are a great investment not only in health but in turning heads as well. So the next time someone asks you what the most sexy physical feature on your body is you can add your abs to the list. for more tips and tricks email me. i have several more great ideas that will help rip your abs too pcs. yeah i know its that crazy and you will not be disappointed. Its an investment remember.