This may be long, but please bear with me.This summer, and starting well before that, I've become very interested in fitness and improving my body. I realize its a process and have read many many things online and in magazines that I try to take note of and incorporate into my workouts.I work out at home, I have a barbell, weight plates, swiss ball, exercise bike, elliptical, and lately also a jump rope for cardio.I'm 22 years old, fairly toned, I'm 6'1", 200 lbs. and not 'fat', if u saw me you wouldnt say Im fat or anything, I look pretty good. I have a good body and Im thankful for the way I look, even tho Im not 100% happy with it right now. It may sound strange, but I look great with clothes on, it looks like I could be 'ripped' but its not the case lolThe only thing that's been bothering me lately is more myself, I dont know if it's all mental, in my head, or what. I have noticed gains and I think Im looking bigger which is great, but at the same time when I take off my shirt I feel almost exactly the same as I did months ago, and some of the fat just will not go away. This is frustrating because with clothes on I think I look pretty good lol, but then if I had to go to the beach or anything, I dont think Im that impressive, but maybe thats all in my head...I dont think so tho. When I sit down I can still grab or poke some fat on my lower stomach. Maybe I am getting obsessed, lol...but I just know I can do better than this, and I want to.My diet basically consists of water, milk, oatmeal, tuna, pumpernickel bread, cottage cheese, chicken breast, sometimes steak, etc. I rarely drink soda and I have cut out all fast food, chips, etc.A few months back I was convinced I wasnt doing enough cardio, so I started using a jump rope and would do that for maybe 30 mins. like 4 times a week. I know it takes time...and some days I think I see results but then others is like, Im exactly the same as I was before. My stomach has some definition, you can kinda see faint outline of the abs and so on. When Im standing upright Im fine but when I sit down I feel like my stomach is fat. I know it doesnt happen overnight but I've been working out for quite a while now and I dont feel like I've lost any fat. Maybe its because I see myself every day and Im so critical...that doesnt help.I dont know if it's my form, diet, or if I overtrain, or not enough, or WHAT it is but its frustrating. Maybe at times I feel Im not lifting heavy enough and maybe thats the problem. Sometimes I just feel like 'giving up' but I just push myself to keep trying. I feel like Im doing everything right, from my diet, to cardio, to lifting weights, etc. but I feel like sometimes Im just treading water and making minimal gains, so obviously I must be doing some thing(s) WRONG.Maybe Im trying to do too much, or not having enough patience. If anyone has any advice that would be greatly appreciated.Thanks