If you have read any previous posts of mine then you may know some of this, but in case you haven't...My girlfriend found out recently that she has HPV (obtained from a previous boyfriend). Since she found out we have stopped having sex to be on the safe side. She went to see her gyno recently and I had my girlfriend ask her if it was safe to perform oral sex on me even if she has HPV. Her gyno said it was okay.Tonight my girlfriend was performing oral on me, but I did not cum in her mouth. Me being the paranoid person I am, washed my penis pretty well with soap and water after she left (I know that probably did nothing, but it made me feel a little better). Then I decided to do some more research on HPV and oral sex and I found a few pages that do not give straight answers, but still make me a little concerned (talking about rare cases of neck and head cancer??).I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about HPV and oral sex (her doing it to me). Should I be worried?