I recently dated a girl (only once with no risky contact besides sharing a drink and a kiss on the neck/cheek)a week later I find out she has an harpes outbreak and been having those for many years (oral harpes).I am considering cutting off the relationship(before it starts) based and your answers..1. what is the risk of getting infected from that slight contact I already had with her?2. can I do any blood tests to find out if I have been exposed in the past?(I might be a carrier with no symptoms).3. if I was exposed in the past and dont have the symptoms, am I taking a risk having sexual contact with someone who has outbreaks? (lets say the outbreak is over and lets say it's the same type of herpes)4. following the previous question, and since it is a known fact that a herpes infected individual can continue to infect himself on other places on his/her body, hence you can infect people who HAS been exposed already in the past, and get them infected in other places on their bodies right?Thanks a lot and I do hope my confused questions make any sense(: