The new board software allows the "display name" - the name that appears on posts and profiles - to be different from the user name, the name you login as. We have it set up so that to change the display name requires an admin's approval.So far this approval has been given pretty much automatically. However, the mods are concerned that this feature is being over-used. When someone changes display name, people see a new, yet old, poster they don't recognise. It is unsettling and disrupting. Too often this change seems to be being made on a whim.Therefore, from now on sdp and I will only approve display name changes if we are given a good reason for the change. The reason should be sent as a PM to both of us. Some examples of good reasons might be if the name is being confused with another poster, or if the name is now seen as in bad taste or similarly unsuitable. That you now prefer another name will not be considered a good enough reason.