hello, i was just curious if anyone can help answer a few questions about gential warts?! i have a friend who is one of those girls that likes to make up lies for attention, she hasnt done so in a while but last i heard was that she had gotten warts from this guy she had a one night stand with. this was actually a few yrs ago(like 4 and now she is with a guy steady and im not sure if she has told him or not about this infection. She is now pregnant by a few mths and when i asked her about spreading it to him she told me the doctor said that it isnt really an std that all women have the virus, just most womens immune system fights the virus off, and that it cant be spread unless there is an outbreak. she says that since she only had a little wart and she had it removed by a perscription soon as she noticed it that the doctor said that the chances of her ever getting it agin is very good...she said she hasnt had an outbreak since the first and the guy hasnt either (which has been a bout 2 yrs since they got together)should she really be classifying herself as std free? is she in the clear? and is what the doc told her true about warts?