Well i've been recently inactive for the past year and get some belly fat and Man boobs :(Now I want to work out hardcore over the summer i just started yesterday here is my workout so far:TurboJam 20 MinRunning 10 MinsPush-ups and sit-ups 5 mins Total: 35 MinsI don't think it enough and since i work at mcdonalds it really hard for me to stop eating there cause i get hungry at work. But when im at home i eat homemade food (nothing from cans or anything like that) I Eat Breakfast everyday (Lucky Charms)Lunch (Usally Junk Food or nothing at all but alot of Juice)Supper (soup followed by Steak or some type of meal)Snacks (I LOVE FRUITS Kiwi's Strawberry's Bananas i love them all if their there i eat them all)I really want to work the upper chest but i need tips.. i don't know how to start.. i set my goals but what kind of work out really works the upper chest?