I just don't know how to ask someone out! like arg i liked this girl that lived like 45 mins away from me.. but i think im going to give her up even tho i like her alot and i know she likes me it seems everytime i make plans something comes up and she never trys to make plans.. ill talk to her but i donno why later in life.. Lately there is this girl from work her name is laura and i knowed her since her and my Friend James went out.. they really didn't do anything cause he was druggy and she talked people if he does and they broke up i see them talking about but meh. every since i started working with her i cannot stop thinking about it. She Always Staring at me at work into my eyes or something.. i donno if it a good thing or bad.. but i gave her my # and all but i donno hers. i added her and myspace and msn ... but i donno how to go from there.. ill see her tomorrow at work.. and i talk to lots and shes someone i may want to start a friendship or relationship with. Help/Tips?