for the past week or so i have been really thinking about what happens after death. One of my dogs got hit by a car and she died and the thing is i really wasnt close with the dog but it got me thinking about death. i then went on vacation and almost the whole time on vacation i couldnt stop thinking about it, and it freaks me out. i mean think about it, when you die, there is no earth, no cars, no computers, you have no body, hands, eyes, mouth all gone, no more breathing, no more heart aches, no more tears, no more laughing, no more hugging, kissing, none of it, the world goes on without you. you are gone forever. i was born a christian and i do believe in heaven and hell, but why do other religions, and science experts have different views of afterlife? what about your partner? i cant imagine not being with her in 60 years or so. im 21 now and i know im still young but think about it 60 years isnt that long. i just need to vent, any views, anything i can do to clear my mind? please help!?!?! one thread in one location pls... See Community Forum -sdp