Have you ever felt like you're right and everyone else is wrong, but you just can't get them to see it? I realize this is a miniscule possibility, but I can't get over this feeling. I've been having problems with work, home and friends lately. My little condo community thinks I'm a bad neighbor and there is all sorts of talk about my leaving. Honestly, I haven't done anything. I mind my own business. The only thing they can call me on is driving too fast and I try to watch that. They're sending all sorts of emails about how people fear for their safety when I'm driving. Seriously, how fast can you drive in a culdasac?! My own family is on the side of everyone else. I'M the problem and should listen when they tell me my faults because they're "just trying to help".I realize that if so many people are saying there are problems that there is a 99% chance there is. I just dont' see it! I'm really trying to see things from their point of view, but I can't. I mind my own business and I help where I can. At work, if they asked me to take an extra shift or trade shifts, I always did it - no matter the inconvenience to me. I lend money when someone really needs it. I give rides or run errands if asked.I know that without being directly here to see all this, there isn't much anyone can do by way of advice, but I'm trying anyway. I honestly can't figure out why I'm being ostracised by everyone. I don't play music loudly, borrow money, show up late, or whatever else could be a problem. Seriously, I do what I have to do and then leave. So why am I such an issue for people? Is there anyone who has dealt with this before? I have no idea what to do, but this is seriously impacting every aspect of my life.