so what would be the best way to correct a guy's posture? I know I have terrible posture (shoulders + neck forward, stomach/gut curved a bit outward, butt/hips pushed back), but I'm wondering what's the best way to go about fixing it. People have told me to 'just make a concious effort to stand straight' which is fine but who can realistically do that all the time? and I've also heard from others that exercise is thes best way since strengthening your abs would straighten your spine or something. I'm a pretty skinny too and I don't really do an exercise (in fact it sometimes seems that a little extra fat is collecting around my butt/gut area), so I was planning to start exercising for general health, but would this also improve the curvature of my spine since I'd be doing a lot more active stuff with my whole body? or is the only way to just 'stand and sit straight', which to me seems kind of ridiculous and looks as if it's made more to make fun of/ridicule people with bad posture rather than help them...thanks.