Howdy,Has anyone been watching MSN's Kirill series??If so, does anybody know the username and password for the Nomi website?I've tried the nomi715/Jw8bCl7F username and password as you find on Viv's blog, but they don't seem to work, I've tried several variants on both of these, because Kirill is intriguing me now... I mean, it's completely messed up and it doesn't give you any hints as to what it's about for anyone who's watching it, though along with many others, I have my own theories as to what it's all going to be about!!Apparently, Endemol (unfortunately the company respnosible for such atrocities as Big Brother) are going to be making a TV version of this soon... I would like to see it, though I do have my reservations about it being made into a TV programme following the webcasts... I usually watch a whole lot more on the web than I do on TVAnybody who has theories/idea's about Kirill (for those who've been watching it) I'd love to hear all about your theories, and for anyone who wants me to, I'll post my theories... though, you'll hafta ask, cuz I don't wanna bore those who don't wanna read further than this post heh hehlaters,MD