Alright so I've been with my current girlfriend now for two months and our sex life is really good, but she believes she has never had a real orgasm. According to her no one has ever made her cum, she's a bit self conscious and she calls herself sexually awkward. It took her awhile to get comfortable with me, she wouldn't let me go down on her for awhile and didn't like me looking at her naked or at her vagina. We are now veer comfortable with each other and she let's me go down on her and let's me look at and touch her with no problems.So for her she says she gets to this high point and she feels she's right on the verge of an orgasm and then it goes away, she says she feels like there should be more to it. For her to get to this point I have to go deep in missionary and then let her do the rest, she has to hold me close and move herself and really focus to get to this point.I'm also the first guy that has ever made her feel anything with oral sex, She gets to that point with oral and then once she reaches that it just becomes irritating. She believes she may have a mental block, she was molested when she was young so that may have something to do with it, I also think it's a comfort thing. She says shes perfectly satisfied and that we have great sex, sex is something isn't entirely important to her. As her partner though of course I want to give her an orgasm a d I'm willing to do anything, I want to be the first guy that can get her there. I feel like it can happen and maybe we just need more time to figure her out and let her get completely comfortAble. Do you guys think she's having an orgasm a d it just isn't as strong, or that she has a mentAl block and is stopping herself right before she has one. Is she capable of having an orgasm? What else can we do to explore this. I want to fully satisfy her (though she says i do already)