Anyone here who knows the aneros?It's a prostate stimulator. Looks like a dildo only smaller with different shape. I wonder how that is. It's said that you can get multiples Os with it.How safe are those devices? Could you somehow hurt yourself with this when you stick it in your ass? I read that they advise to do a rectal syringe before using it. Is this really necessary? What would happen if you insert it and it's not totally clean in there could this cause problems like for example rubbing feces into your prostate? Does the prostate normally get in contact with fecal matter? When you go to a proctologist then he also inserts his fingers and instruments without doing a rectal syringe first so I wonder if it's really necessary to do this. ps: I once tried to stick a finger in there searching for the prostate but I dont think I found it which was strange. Is it possible that my finger was too short or that I dont have one and nobody noticed it or that touching it doesnt feel anything special?