Hi all,I was here a looooong time ago when I was much younger :p but I can't remember my login name nor do I have my old email addresses. Oh well..Well, things have certainly changed with my lifestyle, haha. I got a family (wife and 2 year old son) about to graduate from ASU with a degree in business management and I have a stressful job as a Windows Server Admin. All this stress piled over the past several years since I left high school 4 years ago and has changed my body physically quite a bit. Of course part of it has to do with my diet and exercise.I was the top tennis player on the varsity team in high school all 4 years and I was also playing varsity soccer, so I was in extremely good shape. I'm about 6 feet tall and back then I weighed about 140 pounds. Aside from having slightly higher than normal cholesterol levels for a small period of time in high school, I was pretty healthy. I attribute the high levels of cholesterol to my eating habits as back in high school I would often eat 4 or 5 full meals a day.So now the problem is, since I've left high school about 4 years ago, I started playing sports less and continued eating the same way. It didn't catch up to me until about 9 months after I left when I picked up a small part time job at a restaurant during my freshmen year of college. Around this time I married my girlfriend and she unexpectedly got pregnant (we weren't trying, but we certainly weren't not trying) so you could imagine juggling all 3 aspects of my life was quite stressful. So it literally hit me almost overnight. I went from 140 to almost 180 within the span of 4 or 5 months.Now I'm here a couple of years later with for the most part better eating habits, a much better job, better situation in school, and so forth.. However, I still can't motivate myself enough to start being consistent with my physical activities. I've picked up tennis again but I'm only play 2 hours every Sunday with a friend, so it isn't enough. During the weekdays I have barely enough time for myself, so it is tough to try to do something and I would REALLY love to have the body I used to in high school. Going back to 140 would be excessive, but you know what I mean. Over the summer when all I had to worry about was work and family, I was able to drop to almost 160, however, since school picked up and with our recent move to a new house, I've gotten very stressed out and as a result I'm back to 175..The two main parts of my body I'm most concerned about are my waist and face. My face has bloated up a bit compared to how I used to look, especially around my neck, chin and cheeks, so I think my number one priority would be trying to lose enough overall fat to maybe start burning off the ones in my face. My waist on the other hand I want to lose in order to fit into my old clothes, and make it easier for me to fit into new clothes as well.So my question is, what type of routine should I follow to fit my lifestyle? I don't have too much on the weekdays as I go to work 8 to 4 and I go to class 4 to 8, so I get home at around 9 and I'm absolutely beat. Then I have to take my son off my wife's hands for a little bit and by the time it is just my wife and I, it is 10. Then as many others wives, she wants me to spend time with her/have sex, and afterwards I'm way too tired to do anything for myself Sucks but it is life. I appreciate any suggestions. Sorry for the essay.