So, awhile back my roomy got a UTI, they only gave her 250mg dosage and 3 days worth of medicine. Well go figure, her infection came back. I assume it came back and it wasn't new due to the low dosage and the fact she put a lot of effort into, not drinking caffiene, not having sex, putting extra effort into being clean.Anyways, apparently it "may" lower the effectiveness of birth control. The Doctor told her she should wait around 2 weeks before any sexual activity. (Which it returned before 2 weeks was up, so she never got to do anything anyway)She's curious to how long she should wait this time. Because 1. the dosage is twice and strong, and 2 I looked it up for her on the net, and the two weeks was to make sure she didn't irritate the infection, and didn't appear to have anything to do with the medicine.So she's trying to figure out if it's something she needs to wait a long period of time before she can trust her birth control, or if being off the medicine for a week or two is fine.She finished her last dose a couple of days ago, and her symptoms were actually gone a few days before that. She's not planning on doing anything soon persay, but a friend had told her she has to wait at least a month, and that seems like an awful exaggerated amount of time.