I have come here because I heard about this site in health class in high school. I'm 23 now and i have been battling with anger management issues.(next part is boring back story feel free to skip)Since grade 1 (more or less), kids would tease me just for the reaction, and i gave it to then, i was suspended over ten time before grade 6, all for beating kids up. But with counseling I stopped that. I used to fight with my parents TOOTH AND NAIL, and often. I also started hurting myself when I couldnt find other ways to get my anger out. It led my to driving my highschool sweetheart (of 4 years) to leave me. I had a messy rebound, but then i found the girl that changed my life. She supported me and helped me quit smoking, and eventually got me to better deal with my anger when it got too extreme. I stopped hurting myself and learned to calm myself down when im about to break.(here is my issue)We never fought well. we could both acknowledge that couples fight, but often my words were abusive. I would belittle her and (more or less) tell her she wasnt smart for not being able to see things my way. Then she asked for space and I pushed back, saying i would leave if she said she wouldnt talk to me. I was petty and stuck to my guns. Im not posting this in the relationship section because I dont think I need help with that, i now i needed to grow up, i know what i didnt wrong, and now only that ive lost her, do i see how badly i took her for granted.What I'm looking for advice. She's told me before she think i should talk to someone. But i have, and at every stage in my life. Two private counsellers. A Psych and rehibillitation program juvinal ofteners(though I dont ahve a criminal record) hell my sister even went to university for this stuff. I have all the tools, the coping methods, I can do it in every other part of my life (even times that should be bothering me more!)