Hey everyone ! I just made me a A2A account so everyone please feel free to give me some details and info on this site. Hopefully this is how it goes. Tonight my topic is abortion. . . I am not looking for criticism or immature reply's, so please be adults here.
Well I found out I was pregnant not even 10 days after my last period; thank you clear blue digital. I wasn't trying to have any babies right now because I'm only 20 and I'm not ready. I would try and push my fiance to wear a condom but he hates them and makes up excuses why he can't use them, just like most guys lol . No offence to men cause condoms do suck. I almost felt pressured Into the unprotected sex and he is the love of my life and I want to please him. About a year ago i got off the depo prevera because i felt like it was messing with my hormones really bad and felt like i needed to try something new . So i rid my body of any kind of birth control and managed to some what get a monthly cycle going again. Okay so after finding out at first I was shocked and i felt like it wasn't really true.. I was wrong and it was true. I told my fiance and we had a mutual feeling about it and made it a positive thing. My fiance and his mom are very against abortion so I felt like that was out of the question. So I took care of myself and really tried to shake the little voice in the back of my head saying "you're not ready." I ended up going to see my family back in my home town for two weeks around Christmas and when I did I felt like I could breath a little and clear my head . I came to the decision that I wanted to have an abortion. I told my fiance what I wanted and I was surprised at his reaction. He loves me and supports every decision I make and wouldn't want to ever make me feel pressured and he told me he was sorry and takes full responsibility in not using the condom like I'd asked him too. I'm only 12 weeks 3days so its not to late to have the procedure, but undoubtedly this has been the craziest decision of a my life so far. I'm going to get the surgery done on January 7th and I just pray I don't have emotional issues afterwards. If you would please give me some of your thoughts and inputs I would greatly appreciate them and love to listen . I'm pro choice and I always have been.