Dear Friends, For the present moment of time a number of malignant and precancroid diseases has been increasing. This is vividly seen in the countries with the high rate of solar activity. And a very complicated problem is the treatment of neoplastic diseases despite their more or less non-malignant course. Such diseases are inclinable to relapse when being treated by any existed therapy method. Moreover, these methods of treatment create serious cosmetic problems for the patients, especially in case of plural affection and turn to local destructive growth. In some cases, as a result of several unsuccessful attempts of surgical, X-ray or cryotreatment, the patient’s cochlea, nasal tissue, lips etc. can be mutilated. The existed outward medicines are not rather effective also. For now we suggest to use of a newly developed unique outward preparation ( it is patented in Russia and is called Complex of Novitskiy in two parts cream and liquid) for treatment a skin tumor both exophytic and with local destructive growth except metastatic tumor and melanoma with vertical growth. Melanoma in situ is subject to treatment. We can treat all cases mentioned on except 9-11, 13-17, 24.By now the pharmacological article is registered in the Ministry of Health of Russia only for cream, which can treat articles 1,3,5,6,7,12,25. The liquid would be registered in the nearest month. The treatment course takes from two weeks to one month and a half period depending on clinical case and is affected by experts of Central Scientific and Research Institute for dermatology and venereology of Russia’s Ministry of Health. The result of the treatment is a selective elimination (killing) of tumor tissue only. This allows avoiding disfigured (maimed) surgical operations, chemotherapy, X-ray therapy, and long rehabilitation period. This is an outpatient treatment ( a patient visit a doctor only for taking the preparation) holding in Moscow, Russia . There is no pain in the course of treatment. Videotape and photos can be delivered. Payment is effected only after recovery.At first there should be sent:Doctor’s reportBlood analysisElectrocardiogramImmunogrammPhotos Best regards and health to all of you Valeriy Rasyuk