Hello to everyone out there!
I'm a 19yo guy, as you can read, uncut. Well, i had some problems with this fact, but i'm slowly becoming able to retract my foreskin (but still not always and with A LOT of anxiety, in particular about my foreskin being stuck behind the head) and i'm trying to put on a condom.

Yeah, this now is my great problem. As i said, i can almost retract my foreskin but i have problem to put a condom while doing so, to not talk about having intercourse: i tried to masturbate while wearing a condom, but it slide a lot. It has never gone out of position completely, but enough to have a lot of the condom not on the penis (the tip was away from my head), and also part of it rubbed between the foreskin and the head, hurting a bit).

I am quite worried about this: i have just to improve my ability to retract it or something else?
I'm asking this because... well, i don't want to have problem with my gf when it will be time to use a condom.
We are both unexperienced so... well, i don't to want to create more problem for her at out first time.