Me and my wife like to do (some might say stupid things) daring sexual things.

Some time ago my wife showed me a clip of a Asian girl who had a vibrating remote controlled egg in her panties.

I told my wife that I wouldn't mind trying something similar. At first I meant it as a joke. But she took it quit serious. She said that she would allow me to have the control of the egg in her panties if I would strap a similar egg against the glans of my cock. Which is by far the most sensitive part.

If we would have stayed at home I wouldn't even have thought of not doing it. I absolutely love these kind of games. But my wife wants us to go to a restaurant and then give each other control over their egg.

We haven't gone through with it yet. Not in public at least. That's because I don't consider our backyard to be public.

We have worn Halloween costumes last year who were a bit controversial. I was wearing a devil's suit completely with horns, trident and tail. My wife was a two unicorn, also with a horn and a tail. No one at the party knew that our tails were actually attached to a butt plug which we were wearing of course.

Nobody could see we were actually wearing butt pugs. Such a plug feels rather nice. But it won't make you climax. A vibrating egg attached against my cock particularly against the underside of my glans. The most sensitive part is a completely different thing.

I wouldn't last very long. Especially if my wife has the control. I know because we tested it in our backyard. I made quit a mess of my pants.

Have you ever done something similar or would you ever consider doing something like this? It's not that I am prudent or anything. But having a orgasm and creaming my shorts in a full restaurant probably goes a step to far.

Or maybe I am just getting old. When I was younger I did some pretty stupid/kinky things that I wouldn't even dare doing now a days.