Hello all,

I'm a 24-year old male, and I could truly do with some advice.

My first back issue started last Christmas when I was ironing. I was bowing forward marginally and all of a sudden felt a horrifying shooting torment that went from my lower back and down into my leg. It left me unfit to move for a few days and took half a month for me to get over.

I can't practice or if nothing else run, in light of the fact that there is a consistent soreness in my lower back at the same time. Stretches, for example, pelvic tilts offer some minor help however it's extremely transitory.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how best to cope with constant back pain like this? What do you think the above sounds like and what would you recommend? I think I really need to see (a doctor) and start treatment. I'm really concerned and fearful of surgery and all of the accompanying dangers, but I also can't carry on like this given my young age.

Any advice will be much appreciated.

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