I had a disc issue since an accident happened two years back!
I had two minor surgeries to fix it. Afterwards, for rehab, I was into a clinic r in Toronto for [chiropractic care treatment. The therapist was pretty good on me. Within the first two months, he partially cured my issue. Then I got tips and advice to practice at home for a smooth and pain-free life. I completely followed him.
After six months, I started riding and got back to my normal life. Eventually, I struggled to find time for my therapy, though I was ok. I stopped my treatment without notice to the clinic. It has been two months. Everything was cool since then. But recently I wake up sore daily! Sometimes I have more pain than ever before.
Did this happened because I just discontinued my therapy all of a sudden?? Or did I just had a wrong one before? How often should I continue this, a lifetime? I was pretty satisfied with my old chiropractor, but I feel guilty to meet him again!

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