Reasons to Buy the Janome TS100Q Sewing Machine

Don't you know that the Janome has been producing 63 million sewing machines throughout its history? The brand has its factory and is one of the most powerful giants in the sewing machine industry. The Janome's reputation is well enough to guarantee for all of its product lines, especially for the heavy-duty line.

Yes, based on the best sewing machine for beginners reviews we ever read, Janome isn't a brand for entry-level sewists. The best they have been producing is the heavy-duty machines which work well on the hand of advanced sewists. Janome TS100Q is one of them.

The Janome TS100Q Sewing Machine

The machine itself is a full quilting box that is perfect for fulfilling your craziest crafting desires. It offers a load of features which is specifically designed to serve advanced sewists and accomplish their creative sewing project. The frame is all aluminum, which ensures the vibration-resistant stability and the performance is outstanding, which lasts not for years, but a decade. The machine defines its class and differentiates itself over other heavy-duty sewing machines in the market.

To be short, the Janome TS100Q isn't any sewing machine, but one of the most-wanted sewing models among the sewing community. It is a dream. And it sews like a dream too!

It has 100 stitching options - many other models have more stitches than this number, but none of them can compete with the TS100Q over its stitching quality. Besides, the machine offers its sewists seven choices of automatic buttonholes, which are well enough to perform various projects.

On the other hand, the machine has a unique system called Magnetic Full Rotary Horizontal Hook System. The system allows the machine's bobbin holder to hold up with full rotary movement. The whole design then results in a less in noise and vibration, as well as creating perfect stability in sewing. Thanks to the system, sewists can experience precious stitch accuracy and jam-proof sewing.

These two features are enough to answer the question of what is a good sewing machine for beginners. For experienced sewists, there is nothing more significant than the quality of stitches and buttonholes. If those things are good, then everything else will go right. It always!

The SPM of the machine isn't the highest, but fast enough (820 SPM) to quickly finish your sewing project! You can adjust the stitching speed up and down based on your specific needs. Typically, the speed control is operated by a start-stop button. However, in case you want to access the highest speed, the foot controller will adapt you immediately.

The built-in needle threader provides you the ability to adjust the needle as you wish. You also have 7 inches on the needle's right-hand side to acquire more space for larger projects! Of course, the machine has an LCD to show up your stitching process, and an LED light to brighten your working space. The total weight is less than 13 pounds, which is lightweight enough to travel with.

So, a real giant beneath the dense cover! There is nothing to worry about this machine, except the fact that it isn't for the beginner. In case it doesn't fit your needs, take a look at our article of Best Easy Sewing Machine For Beginners Reviews.

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