For the last couple of days my mother has been cross-eyed. It started out with mild iritation in both of the eyes, but it got to the point where if she opens both of her eyes at the same time she'll see everything in double vision. So she shut one eye the entire day and went about her day. I had her open both her eyes at one time and the iris' were not (and are still not) alligned. I had her look to the right and it appeared fine and I had her look to the left and they were not alligned once again.We took her to an optomistrist yesterday. He referred her to an emergency room for examination because her blood pressure was high. The doctor put her on a medication to lower her blood pressure and said the medication should assist her eyes aswell, yet the optomistrist mentioned something about a malfunctioning nerve on one of her cheeks that may be causing it.My question is, could blood pressure infact be causing this? Anything else seem likely? Will medication to lower blood pressure actually assist in healing?