This year, I have been out with a number of girls, and everytime it has ended exactly the same way. I have not been out with any one girl more than twice for longer than I care remember. OK, fair enough, we might not share any common ground or mutual interest, but the laws of averages would suggest that my 'efforts' have got to start paying-off sometime? At the same time, I think to myself, "is it something that I'm doing wrong"? What bugs me more, is that mu brother and sister seem more than capable from going from one relationship to the next, with (seemingly) little effort...Has anyone else here been in this position of what seems to be a continually downward spirial, and what did you do to change it? I realise that the more you try, the more you are going to get knocked-back, but its starting to go beyond the rediculous now, and its making trying again and again more and more than (dare I say it) trying...Any input greatfully appricated, thanks!