yeah so i got this new partner. we used a condom while having sex. however he did stick it in for 30 seconds tops in the shower. anyways so we arent together anymore and as soon as we broke up i started noticing skin colored bumps. they arent round. they look sorta like the HPV bumps but t hey dont spread really there are just a couple. on the skin just as i enter the inside of the vaginal opening theres a little cluster of white bumps. none of these bumps hurt. but they also dont go away either. i went to the gyno they didn't help me at all. in fact, they didnt even swab it to find out what it is. i go back in may for a pap though. just today i noticed large bumps on the back of my tounge leading down my throat. i never gave him head and i dont have any cold symptoms. but...i do have SLE lupus. i know its common to have mouth ulcers that are painless. but i usually just get those when i am flaring up. so anyways does anyone have any clue what may be going on here?