Well, me and my girl have been doing stuff for about two months now. I just had a few questions on a wide view of things. I've eaten, and fingered her, i've hit her 'spot' a bunch of times, but sometimes it just seems like she is bored with it, is there any paticular way I can tell?Also, during these times, it also seems sometimes like she is just distracted by other things, like I either am not doing too good, or it's just not her thing. Any suggestions?She is going for a BC appointment on Monday, she is going to say she wants to get on BC for her period, and she was curious if she has a choice in choosing what she wanted for BC. She would prefer to get on the shot, mainly because she can't remember much for daily. Is there a way to lean more towards what the doctor chooses for you?I havn't had sex in quite some time, 9 months almost, and I can't remember my condom size. And i've read a couple of things on here about girth is what matters, how do I measure that exactly?I think that's all for now..