I recently went to a party and ended up sleeping with a woman I had never met before. I got to know her pretty well but of course used a condom. I never came, but the rubber broke, and now there's this red hickey looking mark on my penis. It doesn't itch, it isn't shedding, it doesn't burn when I pee, there's no rises in the skin like pimples or warts, no dripping, no pusy heads,aches, or anything. Just this red hickey looking mark. I've meant to go to the hospital but I really don't have the money for that and when I called to get some sort of quote or whatever on how much it would cost I was just put on hold forever until I decided to just hang up. Also I went down on her (yeah now that I think of it I'm really F-ing stupid huh?) but there's nothing like that on my face.