I haven’t seen a thread on here where there is a comparison between bone pressed length and non bone pressed length and on the current survey thread it is not clear because it is most likely a mix between the two. The same thing goes for all other surveys that rely on participants to measure themselves. Anyway, I’m starting this thread to clear up the ambiguity a bit, so please answer the following:1) What is your non bone pressed flaccid length?2) What is your bone pressed flaccid length?3) What is your flaccid girth?4) What is your non bone pressed erect length?5) What is your bone pressed erect length?6) What is your erect Girth?For me:1) I’m not totally sure, but I’d have say between 3.25 - 3.5”2) Around 4.25”3) 4”4) When I am my hardest I’m 6”5) About 6.5”, maybe a little bigger.6) Around 4.75” p.s. I almost posted this as a new thread, but I’m not sure whether or not it would be OK with a moderator since there already is a penis size thread. If it is would have been OK for me to post this, then would a mod just separate this into a new thread? Otherwise, would anyone who previously posted there size answer questions above to clarify?