Hey.I was wondering if you could help- my dr's only has one female dr and she is always really busy!!!i've been having difficulties sleeping with my fiancee for about 2 yrs (after 6 months of normal sex).i have tried various dr's and clinics with no avail.at first it was a soreness around the opening of my vagina, with no pain anywhere else. i have always suffered from recurrent thrush. recently the pain has been unbearable, even when i walk around. i'm also really itchy. then about a week and a half ago i noticed i was particularly sore and lo and behold there were loads of tiny white lumps all over the external areas of my vagina, and i was red raw all over. they are smaller than pin heads, and are in little clusters. anyway, i went to the STI clinic, and they tried to do a swab- too painful. said bumps nothing to worry about but i'm not sure- really weird looking, and they haven't dissappeared with the hydrocortizone & clotrimazole cream they gave me. they said they would.i have another appointment, but not for weeks, and would like even a little clue as to what's going on- i think they are totally missing something!!!!