What Is This???

  • Okay .. soo .. my female friend and I are doing some stuff like making out .. then it moves on to the other stuff, and during the entire time i have an erection .... but when it comes down to her wanting to pleasure me thru a BJ, i don't feel like i'm gunna cum... she could be going for 20 min. and it just doesn't seem like its gunna happen .... what should i do??? is it just not long enough, or do I have a problem???

  • Some guys can cum from a blowjob and some can't. If she wants to pleasure you and keeps trying, just relax and don't worry about cumming. It will happen when you least expect it.

  • Or maybe a bj is just not ur thing. Let her try hand jobs, and see what happens. Btw, are you actually going out, or are you just "friends with benefits" (which is a stupid idea) ?

    She gasped and she sighed and she called my name.


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