Awkwardness between my friend and I...

  • Well, we shall start this from the beginning I suppose. Well, I was dating one of my best friends friends. I met her through him, you get the picture. Well, we recently broke up. Since then, my friend and I don't talk nearly as much. We go to seperate schools, but we've remained close over the past few years. We talk on msn a lot, and hang out a fair amount. In a way, I consider him my best friend, because I'm comfortable talking to him about anyways, and I really value that.

    So, since the breakup, we haven't talked nearly as much. Just the occasional "Hey, what's up" "Nothing, you?" Kind of conversation. We went out to an improv show last weekend. It's basically just a fun time, watching crazy things. We hardly talked... for 4 hours. It was weird. Then on msn, I ask him what's new. He says "Not much, school, and the little bit of awkwardness". Of course, he brought up the topic, so I ask him what awkwardness. Then he responds with "ummm" and I didn't get a response for a while. So I just left it, telling him if he didn't want to talk about it to just not bring it up.

    The thing that's bothering me is that I don't want him to be stuck in an awkward situation because of this breakup. I mean... sure, it's awkward. But we don't go to the same school, so he can hang out with her then, and he shouldn't feel bad for talking to me. Or at least it shouldn't affect our friendship. This whole situation is really bothering me, because I don't want this friendship ruined just because of this one failed relationship. I don't know what I should do. Should I bring this up and talk to him about it? Or should I just leave it, and assume that the problem will go away?

  • I think you need to call him out on it. Be firm with it and make sure you get right to the point. Don't be so aggressive but when you have a strong loving friendship you do everything in your power to make sure it doesn't end. You don't know how the relationship with the girl might have affected him. Are you sure he didn't like her? Like the... Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Harry Osborn situation. Hopefully she isn't saying anything bad about you. You need to find out what's up with him to get rid of the "awkwardness".

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  • I'm 100% sure he doesn't / didn't like her. He told me to ask her out. He almost forced me, he was set for it. Also, he likes some other girl. Things are just weird lately, and I'm not enjoying it. I might be doing something with him alone this weekend, so I think I'll talk to him about it then.

  • Good luck!

    "Isso é como nós latinas/meninas pretas fazemos. Vá ou flua.. ya digg?"


  • Oh I dunno about that. I liked a girl when I was in High school. (I asked her to my Junior Homecoming) And my best friend started to like her, and since I knew she turned me down for homecoming, I told him to ask her out, even though I liked her.
    It could be he liked/likes her, but jut doesn't want to admit it to himself, so he's all personal about it.
    I dunno, I say the thing to do, if you want to fix it, is give it time, and see where it goes from there.

    When my friend broke up with Savannah (the girl), his reasons were ludacris and irrational. Made me angry, so we aren't friends anymore. Over the time they were dating I became friends with her, and it sorta upset me he would hurt her like that. All well, heh, that's high school.

  • That's Teenage Drama.....



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