Who here once had been very down, and depressed. Then you realized you had some unique ability and that was the day it all changed. Share your experience.

I know that mine happened recently. I was told this [from Whitney (a close friend)]: Like alot of guyz i have liked i would wanna to be in their arms to make out or something...but with you I could just be in ur arms and I just wanna hear your voice and listen to your words that just mezmorize me.

(not my type sorry)...

Well none the less I feel a shit load better hearing this. So I went into work today and it finally hit me. I can connect with people, like no one else. I can make people laugh, I can make them relax, and I can make them be who they truly are. Not sure what that means in the long run, but I feel a lot better. I bring out the good in people. I can make all the customers and co-workers laugh, but in a different way, not the laugh that was funny, but the one where you know that you made some connection (if that makes sense).