Sex question

  • i just started having sex with my boyfriend. like just a few days ago. and it wasnt really what i expected. i mean i liked it because i was being itimate with him and we have beentogether a long time and i love being close to him so if asked if i liked it my answer would be yes. i wasnt expecting fireworks or orgasms or anything on our first time or anything. it kinda hurt to begin with (i kinda expected it) but only a little and he was very gentle...but after the uncomfortableness went wasnt really all that "pleasurable"...

    the feeling was pretty much that my vagina was full,
    just that he was in there .... (we were both virgins 2, if that helps you to answer my questions)...i am just woundering if actual intercource will become more pleasurable after we do it a few more times?....cuz he seems to really get alot of pleasure out of it, and id like to share the experience with him. :smile:

  • Your body just isn't used to having anything being inserted there yet. After a few more times your vagina should get more loose and it won't feel so full. I would have a great analogy to go with this, but my mind is totally blank at the moment.

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  • thanks....thats good to know ....i was a little worried that this was just how it was going to feel </font color>

  • As I stated in a post to Moonlight, sex for guys is physical. Touch me, I get aroused and am readytogo. For girls, sex is much more emotional and mental. It just takes a while before you're ready for your orgasm. That's why foreplay (lots and lots) is so essential to get you "in the mood."

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