Im too shy

  • when im around people i don't know im always so shy and i rarely say anything. Especially when a girl randomly talks to me my face gets all red and i feel light headed sum times. When i have sumthing to say i sometimes hesitate to say it. Anyone got anytips to become more outgoing and boost my self confidence.

  • i'm the same way... i feel like i'm getting better at it tho. like talking. when i was younger tho i couldn’t even order my own food. at least now i can order my own food lol

    the first day of college classes is always hell on me cuz all my teachers (so far) are like stand up and tell us about your self.. bla bla.. tell your name, where your from, and major and anything else and bla bla..
    well my way is on way to stand up i say Caleb, place(place i live), and art. just as fast as i can and b4 i'm standing i'm sitting. oh shit yester day instead of saying the place i live i just said here.. (cuz i live where the college is.. so yea0 well this girl is like where is here and i was ust thinking... shut up! so i blunted it out and sat as fast as i could.

    last year a couple girls that sat around me in one of my classes talked to me b4 class started all the time and at first i was shy.. hardly talked but it got easer. very wired.. Kimberly is in my comp 2 class this year too........ and she sat right behind me.

    i remember the first time i talked to Paul i couldn't talk.. he kept on saying talk.. talk.. and i kept saying i..i ..c..caaa. can't. I used to stutter real bad.. i don’t stutter to much now unless i'm just really scared or nervous. ..ok i still sometimes stutter... i hate it.

  • Take a public speaking class, and practice in front of a mirror. Also, put yourself in conversations with other people, close friends and people you hardly know. Practice is the only way.

    I have a gangster friend who's really shy. A SHY GANGSTER? Yes, and he hardly says a word. But, when he speaks, he's to the point and direct. It's never a good trait to have diarrhea of the mouth. It's actually better to listen rather than to talk too much, and be annoying as all heck. I don't have extremely talkative friends who are content just hearing themselves talk, and I'm not a talker either. I'm what you'd call the artist introvert type. So I surround myself with similar friends.

    Orale Chingon!


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