Help please .

  • Okay this is kinda gross and embarassing but i dont know what to do . So when i shave my vagina it always super smooth like the first few days and then it gets red and itchy and i get like razor bumps on it . i use a new razor when i shave and i shave down not up to avoid ingrown hairs but i seem to get them anyways . it does get better and then i shave again and the same thing happens . any advice ?

  • Wax?

  • hey hon. ive been shaving my sexy place now for over a year.

    make sure you are using a really sharp razor so you dont have to go over the area too much. try not using shave gel, just use a nice lathery body wash =) and i use a razor with 4 blades i think, so its a closer shave. at first when i started shaving i had razor burn but now my skin is used to it, and its silky smooth all the time.

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