"Guilty Pleasure" Masturbation Fantasies

  • Yet another topic to get the pulse on....

    Does anybody fantasize about any specific men and/or women that you'd feel guilty telling somebody about? There are a few famous/celebrities that I have fantasized about during self love that I would never admit to even finding attractive to anybody, let alone that I jerk off to them. It's one thing to find Jennifer Love Hewitt hot (a lot of men do) but it's another thing to find one of the women listed below hot (and to openly admit it).

    Amongst my guilty pleasure fantasy girls are:

    Kathie Lee Gifford
    Rikki Lake
    Gennifer Flowers
    Monica Lewinsky
    Hillary Clinton
    Amber Frey

  • I always had a thing for vanna white...

    Tears, Why are they on the floor, I put the pistol to my head, tears will fall never more.


  • amber frey is hot- lewinski, though??? daaamn.
    i like the weather channel girls.

  • whatever your into... me i have a thing for Julia Stiles



  • I actually have a bitty crush in Donna Mills...

    "I'm afraid you've caught me with more than my hands up."
    "You don't need the gun, Mr. Bond."
    Bond - "That depends on your definition of safe sex."


  • carney wilson and courtney love at the same time....

    <font color="blue">"befriending myself seems to be about opening my heart as a homeless shelter for all the destituted and prostituted aspects of m...


  • Hillary Clinton??!!! Do you have permanent beer goggles or what? I'm only kidding. We all have some crazy fantasies that we wouldn't dare admit to. Sounds as though you think like Bill Clinton (Hillary, Monica, Gennifer Flowers).

  • You forgot Janet Reno

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