Is this strange (for uncuts)

  • just wondering any of u uncuts out there like me have like a different colored penis head like sorta purplish idk if its just me i was just wondering maybe cuz its under the forskin alot of time it doesnt become ruff and normal skin color i was wondering if anybody has like a purple head

  • I am cut, but I've seen pictures of uncut penises and I believe for the most part (if you are caucasian) that is normal. The uncut penis head is actually covered in mucuous membrane, and is similar to the inside of your cheek.

    Don't worry about it.

  • i was wondering if it was possible for you to get the more skin color look some how on the glands anyone no?

  • The glans is not ordinary skin, so it's not surprising it can look very different. Whether circumcised or uncircumcised, it can be skin colour, darker, lighter, pink, red, purple or even bluish. It's different at different times and in different states. It's different in different people. There's no normal or expected colour, and I know no way of changing its colour.

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