I really like this girl but what do i do

  • well iam a 12 year and really like this girl though their is a problem i know her through this other friend of mine who was his day carers daughter. me and her get along really well since i see her nearly all the time but since she has a 2 year old sis a 10 yr brother a 13yr brother and a 17 yr brother which the younger ones hang around all the time as well as my friend who always hangs around . also i only get to see her with him since their the ones that really know them .
    to wat should i do. and say to her when i get the chance........ im 12 by the way

  • Is there something you can invite her to do with you? Perhaps there could be a movie that you happen to have one extra ticket to.

  • yeah but the brothers might think its a bit suss and so would the parents and my friend would as well, also its my friends mom that knows her.
    so i only see her when im with them and thats quite often
    and also we go to different schools

  • If you never see her except when she's with these people, you'll have to try to stop worrying what they are thinking. Ortherwise you'll never do anything.

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