• My boyfriend and I had sex about half a month ago, and I missed my period (it's about a week late now).

    We used a spermicidal condom (how much do those really help reduce the risk of a pregnancy?), and he didn't cum inside me anyways...but I'm still a little worried. I've had the symptoms of a pregnancy (sore breasts, urinating a lot, missed period)...

    My periods aren't usually very regular anyway, but I'm just extra worried right now for some reason. So, any help would be appreciated. I know the odds of me being pregnant are low, but how low? And should I even bother with a pregnancy test or am I just being paranoid?

    Thank you..

  • Hmm, he didn't cum inside you, and you used a condom - I'd think the chances were effectively zero, unless there was some other way it could have happened, like he fingered you with cummy hands.

  • No, that didn't happen either..

    What if the condom was torn? I don't think it was because we checked it (we were being extremely cautious lol) once while we were having sex. And it was a spermicidcal condom, so wouldn't that lessen the odds even more?

    Thanks for your help so far.

  • Honey, by the sound of it you were extra cautious (which is very sensible, so well done). If there was no obvious tear in the condom then chances are it's ok. As your man didn't cum inside you or touch you down there with cum on his hands it sounds like you're pretty safe. If you're still worried I'd suggest you got yourself a pregnancy test. I know it's scary, but trust me, you'll feel a whole lot better afterwards.

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  • All the things you have mentioned (spermicidal condom and not cumming in you) would lessen the chances that you would become pregnant, but that doesn't mean that there is zero chance. You have done the right things (other than abstinence) to avoid pregnancy and I would say that the probability that you are pregnant is extremely small. The symptoms you have cited are only that--symptoms and not indicators--and can be caused by other things. However, if you intend to remain sexually active, you should consider a secondary method of contraception, such as the pill, to use along with condoms. Though it doesn't happen very often, condoms can fail and a backup method of bc would increase your chances of avoiding pregnancy.
    You are still young and it is not unusual for your periods to be irregular. Don't stress over this as stress is one of the things that can mess with your period.

  • Thank you guys for the replies..I just have one last question

    Is it at all possible to get pregnant from (unprotected) genital to genital contact? Not penetration, just sort of touching/rubbing/etc, even if no cum is involved? Sorry lots of questions, I'm just a paranoid person.

  • I suppose it might be conceivable (pun) if precum were deposited at the vagina entrance, but I think it would be extremely unlikely.

  • The must be a union of the (male) sperm and (female) egg to create a pregnancy. If there is no semen (sperm) on the guy's penis, there can be no chance of it finding an egg.
    However, genital to genital contact is highly arousing, may very well lead to further penetration, and for some guys may cause an ejaculation.

  • Ok, well after getting NO sleep last night, I waited for my mom to leave for work this morning and I walked myself up to the local Rite Aid and bought a pregnancy test, just for reassurance. I will admit, it was pretty embarassing being a 16 year-old buying a pregnancy test up at the counter, but I knew I'd regret it if I didn't do it.

    So anyways, I just took the test and, sure enough, it came back negative. I did, however, buy one that came with two testers so I plan on testing again in the morning just for the extra reassurance.

    Needless to say, I am done with sex until my periods become perfectly regular and stop freaking me out (as if that will ever happen ), or until I am married.

    Anyway, just a long, rambling update on my dumb story. Thanks for the advice though. You guys always seem to help me out.

    I think I'll go get some sleep now (it's about 10:15 in the morning over here)

  • If you are going to retest.. you should test it with the very first urine in the morning. If you were pregnant, it would have the higest concentration of the chemical at that time... thus most accurate.

  • and also remember that you can have a false negative, but not a false positive. A cheery thought for those not wanting to be pregnant, but just thought I should mention it.

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